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The Cold Weather Shelter is run by the Interfaith Council in our city and several churches host 40 residents of the homeless community. Andrew's Umbrella hosts a New Year's Eve Party for these residents complete with photo booth and a toast of sparkling apple cider! 

Together, we can make a difference


OUR MISSION: Reaching out with HOPE and LOVE to the needy and those struggling with homelessness in our community by providing weekly friendship, care and living necessities.

Each week, we head out in my van, loaded with clothes, jackets, shoes, toiletries, dog food, underwear, feminine hygiene products, socks, lunches and water.  You name it, we try and carry it!

Due to the Corona virus and the safer at home order, we no longer go out each week. 

There are over 300 people in our community that are struggling with homelessness. The reasons are many...mental health issues, low wages, job loss and increased rents are just a few. 

Our goal is to love people, to show them that they are still human in our eyes.  We want them to know that someone out there cares to know them by name, is willing to give them a hug, will remember their birthday (if they tell us) and wants to know how they are doing each week. 

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These programs are possible with your generous donations. You can help by spreading the word, making a financial donation or by donating GENTLY worn men's and women's clothing and tennis shoes, new men's and women's underwear and new men's white crew socks. We can always use travel size toiletries, new hairbrushes and combs, individual sized laundry soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes. 

New Year's Eve

W/Cold Weather Shelter Residents




2019 was our 9th year hosting a Community Thanksgiving. Each year we add more to the numer we serve! This meal is open to anyone who might need a place to spend Thanksgiving....if you're needy, homeless or just tired of your own family drama. 

**2020 will be a totally different year, due to the Corona virus. Sad to say that we won't be able to host our Community Thanksgiving this year. We are still brainstorming for ways to help. Stay tuned for updates!**

Post it, tweet it, share it. The more people you tell, the more help we can receive.

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